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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Alive!!! Spring Break and Fun Friday with the Fam!

Ok so I seriously have been slacking with this blog lately ha ha. Life was pretty dang boring for a couple months there but March had been full of lots of fun stuff. March 9th through the 15th was spring break. I went to St. George and Vegas with my friends Amanda, Megan and Christina. Here are some pics:

Me and Megan Doin our thing. This is the day we did some serious shopping in St. George. Me and Amanda spent way way too much! See pictures below:

Amanda's stuff!

My stuff!

YAY Vegas Baby! We had fun but Vegas isn't that great when you are four nineteen and eighteen year old girls who can't drink or gamble and wouldn't if you could ha ha.

Me and Amanda at the M&M Factory!

Amanda and Christina at the M&M Factory!

Me with one of the Crazy pink monkeys that were all over Vegas!

Silly pics at the expensive stores in Caesar's Palace.

Megan and I were wasted by the end of the day....ha ha jk. But we were super tired.

We went and saw two movies while we were in St. George. This was when we went and saw "Taken" but we also saw "Confessions of A Shopaholic". Both of them were good movies.

Ha Ha. Amanda sleeping on the way to visit our friend Janelle :D. Anyways it was a super fun trip and I'm really glad we could go even if we were all sick of each other by the end of the week ha ha. Anyways, last night I drove down to Clearfield and had a movie night with Aarone, Krista, Amber, and Grandma Cude. It was way fun. We ordered pizza made cookies and watched "Bolt". Here are some pics:

All of us with Grandma! Love this pic :D

Mine and Aarone's Mixed up Magic Cookies. Long story behind these. Hilarious! Here is Aarone trying out the dough :D

It was a way fun night. I miss hanging with my sibs so much! I can't wait to move back for the summer at the end of april!


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